If you are looking to simplify complex payment transactions overall banking channels, Payment Solutions is a true payments partner!

Each and every payment type and channel is supported. Offering a secure and innovative payment processing experience, Payment Solutions is a great fit for traditional as well as non-traditional processors. Maximize operating efficiencies and promote growth with Payment Solutions.

Payment Solutions consists of three main components:

Enterprise Payment Solutions


In an effort to remain competitive in this industry, financial institutions must enable customers and businesses alike to make quick and secure electronic payments. With technology, customer expectations have and will continue to change. Has your bank changed with it? Enterprise Payment Solutions is a component of Payment Solutions that offers the SmartPay™ platform. This integrated suite of solutions helps everything run smoothly and seamlessly, regardless of the payment channel used.

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iPay Solutions


This industry leader in online bill pay solutions is being used by 4,000 financial institutions today. With this cutting-edge banking solution, you can enhance the customer’s digital banking experience while continuing your goal of attracting and maintaining customers and decreasing operating costs while increasing efficiency. Faster, easier payments can be achieved with iPay Solutions.

Highly customizable, iPay offers:

  • iPay Consumer Bill Pay™
  • iPay Business Bill Pay™
  • iPay Person-to-Person
  • iPay eBill

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Business Intelligence and Financial Performance

Business Intelligence and Financial Performance

Business Intelligence and Financial Performance consist of 8 main focus areas:

  • Commercial Lending Center Suite™
  • Enhanced Account Analysis
  • JHA Investor Servicing
  • JHA Know
  • Relationship 360™
  • Time Track
  • PROFITstar®
  • PROFITability®